Lace Wig Repair Services

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Mobile or At Home Lace Wig Styling

This option is the least offered of all the services. There is a small selection of wig businesses that offer mobile or at-home services. If you are someone who wants to remain very discrete about your lace wigs, then seeking out these companies is a good idea. They either have a large RV like automobile with styling tools and materials or portable tools to bring into your home. You do not have to bother with shipping or the possible embarrassment of going to a salon and getting the lace Wig Malaysia installed. These services are more costly since they offer very customized and private services.

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Lace Repair

Repair often comes with other services such as restoration for free. Lace repair is a simple process to correct rips and tears on a lace high quality wigs. The least detectable lace which is Swiss lace is also the most fragile. This is what makes lace repair so vital. Many women also end up sending newly purchased wigs in for repair because they cut too much lace around the hairline. Quick repairs can sometimes be done at home if you are in a pinch.

To correct small tears or tiny holes, apply clear nail polish to the area similar to how you do a rushed repair on pantyhose. This will allow the lace to not tear further until you get the chance to remove the wigs singapore and send in for repair.

Density Correction

Density refers to the thickness of the hair. For most women, a medium to thick density is the best option since their own natural hair is rather thick. The problem with some lace wigs is that they create such a heavy density at the hairline, the wig looks very unnatural. To correct this, a repair person will tweeze out strands to lessen the density around the hairline. If you know a company sells a hair system in a thick density, a light to medium density will be a better choice. Light density is created to mimic the hairline or baby hair.

Ventilation Repair


Ventilation fix is tied intimately with thickness amendment. While evacuating hairs for an increasingly normal hairline is secured under thickness remedy, including hair is ordered under ventilation fix. Ventilation is binding through the hair onto the ribbon of a wig.


Shedding can happen from a low quality trim wig or brushing additional time can be the reason for ventilation fix. At the point when your wig starts to disperse or in the event that you straightforward simply need a more full ribbon wig, most fix individuals will readily modify to your needs.

Restoration Services

Restoration services are a very broad category. Typical restoration implies retexturing the hair to return it to the original curl or straightness that it originally had. Some companies have also begun to include color correction under restoration if it is not the fault of a poor dye job.

Natural sun damage and chlorine from pools are just some of the reasons why you may need color correction from natural causes and frequent use. Since restoration is a rather minor process, many companies will also seal the knots or shampoo your unit so that you get your money’s worth.


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