PARIS – Louis Vuitton paraded its tumble assortment in a digital tour of the Louvre Museum on Wednesday, closing out Paris Style Week’s on-line shows by framing designs that echoed the sculptures on screen.

Vuitton was amid many luxury models that paid homage to cultural establishments shut down by the pandemic, which has also set stay runway shows on maintain.

Christian Dior, which like Vuitton is owned by the LVMH conglomerate, before this week filmed its personal show at the 17th century Palace of Versailles.

Vuitton’s parade of ruffled skirts and futuristic, outsized jackets was accompanied by a pumping Daft Punk soundtrack, just weeks right after the right after the celebrated French digital audio duo declared it was splitting.

Products wore boots with a cowboy edge to them, with zippers down the sides.

Vuitton’s signature monogrammed handbags highlighted photographs of Greco-Roman busts and lithographs influenced by the engravings of Italian artist Piero Fornasetti. A different bag took the shape of a Roman-design and style coin.