The 90s are alive and well in Stillwater’s latest bar, The Wild Hare. I am not mad at the whole wall of album covers, or the Johnny Depp glamour pictures in the lavatory, and Brit Brit can shuffle with TLC on the display powering the bar all working day long. Just: I am not going to put on Steve Madden squishy black platform sandals or that eggplant colored lipstick yet again, alright? 

Among the Scream re-invention hit and the 50 percent-time clearly show at the Tremendous Bowl this weekend, betting on the 90s feels like a excellent bet. But what I like about this spot is, it truly is not the only bet. 

The new bar, which sits on Key Avenue suitable across from the co-op and just down from the Crosby Resort, is owned and operated by the exact crew from nearby The Velveteen Speakeasy. The young children know a factor or two about craft cocktails. 

This area is mainly bar, with a few tables up entrance, some skinny substantial tops together the wall and vids in the again. It truly is just modern day sufficient with some charred wooden beams and corrugated steel accents, to make the 90s schtick light-weight and efficient. It’s a wonderful thing to dip into, makes you crack a smile while your mind begins spinning will not go chasing waterfalls, but it does not sense like compelled cos-participate in. 

And probably that’s for the reason that the menu is truly a glimpse ahead, into the foreseeable future of tavern-fare. Owners Sarah and Dariush Moslemi wished a dive bar with authentic foodstuff, so that’s what they produced. 

It truly is bar feeding on, make no blunder, but it is really aware bar having in that virtually anything on the menu is gluten-free of charge or can be built gluten totally free, and the range of vegetarian/vegan choices goes Perfectly beyond the suburban bar norm. They use natural components where ever attainable and no fake-foodstuff items, although controlling to give us all the bar foods we want. 

From the fries to the Moroccan spiced cheese curds I tried using, everything fried is gluten-cost-free because they are working with the exact proprietary chickpea flour blend throughout the board. No have to have for a committed GF fryer, there’s just one in the tiny kitchen. So alternatively of minimizing the GF alternatives, they maximized them. 

Buy wings, and you can choose hen or cauliflower. When it is about crispiness and sauce, I honestly go possibly way. We did both and the cauli in Buffalo sauce disappeared to start with. 

And certainly, there are items on this menu that feel more like spa-cafe than town bar, these types of as curry tofu salad, choose-a-protein Korean bowl, pan-seared steelhead trout. But let me be obvious, which is a excellent factor, a widening of the look at of tavern-fare receives props in my ebook. Maintain the greater part of nostalgia on the walls. 

Maybe the ideal meeting put is in the buns part wherever you discover a roster of 4 stable burger choices, a rooster sandwich, a shrimp po’ boy, and a wrap. You can go typical, or you can go fancy with harissa aioli and cumin lemon pepper on the Casablanca burger. And you can go Keto, you can opt for a GF bun, you can sub caulafel (cauliflower falafel) and make it all vegan, just as simply as you decide on fries or not. It truly is all feasible, not a inconvenience, whilst also not alienating individuals traditional burger bros pounding Coors Lite and pinball in the back.

And then, there are the cocktails. If you will need a way to relieve again to the bar just after your damp January (it was not dry and you know it), this could possibly verify a very good concept. Their beverages list included smoothies, mocktails, and day by day contemporary pressed juices. You can get any amount or frequent cocktails, but there are also a several known as Well being Tonics. That’s where by you get your freshy juice mix of kale, ginger, apple, and lemon, and include gin. Tequila included to beet juice is, for some of us, the only way to get your day-to-day beet. Residing perfectly. 

Also of note: most effective brand all over. The Wild Hare is open up for lunch and evening meal each working day. Rezzies only for groups of 4 or a lot more, or else initial come to start with provide.