First, second and third grade students from Austin Montessori Elementary School wrote letters to Santa about Christmas wishes.

They are in the classes of Dana Martin, Lauren Tift, Christine Dockall, Amelia Moreno, Lauren Johnson, Amanda Williams and Valerie Grant.

“Dear Santa, I have deen good all year santa, you can Just Ask My elf or my parents. I listen to my parents The first time They tell me to clean my room. This year for Christmas I would like. 1 more dog man books. 2 one more elf. 3 Paint set 4 more pens and markers 5 Goosebumps books 6 VR Head Set 7 Lego Jeep 8 Water Guns. ps come to my house I have good cookies”

~ Cassandra

“Dear Santa, My name is Adalynn and I am 8 years old. This year I would like a pop it, pop tube, puppy, and a hover board. Do elfs make the toys? or do you make the toys?”

~ Adalynn

“Dear Santa, My name is Jenna and I am 8 years old this year for Christmas I want a fish. I want a Toy for my baby bruther and sistr too. I also want airpods and an Iphone 12.”

~ Jenna

“dear Santa I am 7 years old. this year for christmas I want Baby Hamster. I also wan a Book and my momy and dady wants a car for Christmas. For my Brother He wants a puzzle aizen Aven clisod Shirt sisters barbie House.”

~ Aiden

“Dear Santa, my name is Jaliyah and I am 7 years oLI. this year for Christmas I want Art stuff and Art supplies and singing stuff,”

~ Jaliyah

“Dear Santa, my name is scarlett, I am 7 years old this year for chirstmas I want a electric scooter, dolls, a doll house, Board games, art supplies, singing stuff. Po the elrs help you with the Presents?”

~ Scarlett

“Dear Santa, my name is Ezriah and I am 8 yers old. This year for Christmas I want Art Supplies and Hoverboard. I also want a cat and New Books.”

~ Ezriah

“Dear Sanata, I have Been good wllyerlwng. Yoa awn hsk my mom. now are you? Iopin the for PePall! I rm in a my mom! WnaI want w r paBliKg wne shpp”

~ Dycan

“Dear Santa,

1. Dear Santa, I Love you.

2. Let it snow.

3. I Love the Prents.

4. I Like the North pole.

5. I what to live happily.

6. I Love you Santa and my mom and dad.

7. Rudolph has as shiny nose.

8. I Love Christmas.

9. Merry Christmas.

10. Ho ho ho.”

~ Eric

“Dear Santa,

1. i want a xbox.

2. i want a gs4.

3. i want a get brid.

4. i want a jewelry.

5. i want a dirt bike.

6. i want a rainbow hat.

7. i want a toy present.

8. i want Some fidgets.

9. i want to Live in th North gole.

10. i want a purse.”

~ Piper

“Dear Santa,

1 My name is Kataleya I am 8 years old

2 I Whant Raya toy’s!

3 I Whant jewelry!

4 I Whant a bike!

5 I Whant a Raya book!

6 I Whant Raya Shous.

7 I Whant backing Suplis.

8 I Whant a Raya Swedre.

9 I Whant a Raya sacit.

10 I Whant a Raya sord.”

~ Kataleya

Santa poses for a photo with the Reyes family while sitting for family photos Saturday, Nov. 20, 2021 at Music City Mall. (Eli Hartman|Odessa American)

“Dear Santa,

1. I want a vr held set. and bord games.

2. and a PoPit. favorite movie is ghostbusters afterlife.

4. i want v-bucks.

5. i like my family.

6. i like my baby brother.

7. i want robux.

8. and coloring papers.

9. im 7 years old.

10. im nice.”

~ Talon


1 I want uh…. Legos.

2 and cnetic sand and

3 and rainbow high dollss

4 and a nentendo swich

5 and a mine backbak

6 and a phone and a cas with

7 it and, want to see a new

8 squidGame. movie and a

9 Soasid movie thats new

10 and jewdjy and nothing els.”

~ Sophia

“Dear Santa

1 Charm bracelet.

2 legeos.

3 nitenDo.

4 popit Big.


6 want to brother with new Shoes.

7 Keycain

8 necklace

nisatIa Parden i am siamy Basubei fse my fairs lolDaPu Louv Parden”

~ Payden

“Dear Santa I am in 2nd grade

1 I want a laptop

2 I want color pencles

3 I want new Shose.

4 I want a pet.

5 Santa you are nice.

6 I like school.

7 My fravite is books.

8 I want games.

9 I want a scooter

10 I want a humerboard.”

~ Marcus

“Dear Santa,

1. you are really nice

2. I want a really Big Squishy.

3. I want a Big PoPit.

4. I want more Bead’s

5. I want a oher Puppy.

6. I want Legos.

7. I want an LOL.

8. I want paint.

9. I want phone.

10. I want fake food.”

~ Madelyn

“Dear Santa, I have been good all Year long I help my sisters and i help my friends I want a vr headset”

~ Bravens

“Dear Santa, I’ve Been good all year long. and I cleaned my room. and I even hep everybody in my family and I really really want the present I want so please please please please I really want it. and I help my parents I help my friends and you are my favorite I really want a apple watch”

~ Marley

“Dear Santa, I hove been good all Year long. and I hove been good to My sisret and I hove deen help My mom I hove to My DaD I hove made a new friend and he name is cassandra a she is really I made a new friend and his name is Dylan I want a scrt and a Book”

~ Madison

“Dear Santa, I have been good all year long. I Keep my room clen and be nich to my sister and Help my mom and Dad and I have also Help Others and open a Door someone and I gave someone a Toy I have ben Kind and I Take care of me Pet. I What a orbestress Ball”

~ Zayleign

“Dear Sant, I have been good all the tim. I be nice to mr sister Sum tims I stai up with mr sister to Play With mr Sister at night. hehehe. I will like a Popit for my Grandma. I will Like a Bombom OMG doll.”

~ Salmani

Santa waves at a child as they pass by his chair while taking photos with families Saturday, Nov. 20, 2021 at Music City Mall. (Eli Hartman|Odessa American)

“Dear Santa, I don’t really want alot for cristmas. I want a happy family and happy friends. Christmas is about being Kind and nice. I want to give away my toys to charities and help the kids have a good christmas. May I have a scooter.”

~ Grace

“Dear Santa, All I want to tell you is Christmas is right around the corner and I hope this is the best Christmas ever. I am always kind and this year I will be kind to my friends and to aly my family and everyone.

This year for christmas I would like Pollypocket and Hairdoorables.”

~ Ariz Abila

“Dear Santa, I just want a hug and a PC monitor for chirstmas I also want to see. You at the mall and at the north pole. Maybe, we can play a snowball fight. I think you Will win, Also my elf on the shelf has been good. I hope I see you at the north pole.”

~ Ryan

“Dear Santa, I just want a hug and I Want an ipad and I Want pc and a mouse for pc I Wish I could help my friends at math.”

~ Davian

“Deat Santa, I just wanted to write you a letter to say hi. I wanted a VR headset to explore game in VR help my, help her itb motie tiem with mr mom.”

~ Grayson

“Dear Santa All I wait for christmas is my familey

My brother want for christmas is xbox series.”

~ Adam

“Dear Santa, I want a Ryan eeg supriz with 33 syeriz and a foe doll toy and a touy doll YV Mr Grant and a JollyV Mr Prrteyo”

~ Myo

“Dear Santa, I want to visit the North Pele I also want to ree elves and Toys can you help my friends do the work.”

~ Bailey

“Dear Santa I Would like a bike and shopkins what I rilly want is a elf and I want a tiedie slime kit to share with my siser.”

~ Talia

“Dear Santa, I would like Xbox and more time with gramae marge and lerhe casiv and more time with my frandse and a hlechric scooter and for rtohue to go away and golde socrr dall and more time to Practis.”

~ Pablo

“Dear Santa, I would like to have a presn because sum people are homelise. I would like a scooter because mi broc end I wont slim.”

~ Juliana

“Dear Sabta I would like I Whant roublaes Please santa I wile giv you for cookie I will take care of your elfs the ho time the hoho time”

~ Isabel G.

“Dear Santa I would like is to feed the homeless and dow not my toys to kids in need and be with my mom and das family. to cook cookies for the homeless in need and buy close for kid and adult in need and spend time with my family and cousins”

~ Aribella

“Dear Santa, I would like asruec anb sube fou a helms prsn qsrbr.”

~ Trinity

“Dear Santa, I would Like

1 to help poor people and give them food and cloths and Drink

2 I Whant to get dog food for animal shelter”

~ Maliah

“Dear Santa I would like a sopo in a elf no tey slff Alien toes”

~ Jaydegen

“Dear Santa, My name is Aj I am 8 years old i have been so good this year. I help my mom I help my aunt.

I want a tic-tac-toe an oculus a bike, a ounching bag and a candy cone”

~ Aj

“Dear Santa My name is Jayden I am 8 years old I am kind to all people I help clean the house and clean my room I want pokemon cards, 1,000 dollars”

~ Jayden

“Santa, My name is raigen I am very good. beruse I have been kind and trying to do my chores, I really woin to do olve bike and bolgyy od ol Plush. and chapstick le gos. drums. Poters thath olve baby yoda. Necklers. nenpiy. Spoise book moirk. brlite. Cholit. books. and treetoper”

~ Raigen

“Santa My name is Kamille. I am 8 years old. I have been good at home and school I do my chor’s I want a pendit and a giant teddy bear and I want three horse books. and air force shoe’s oh and a skateboard”

~ Kamille

“Dear Santa, My name Amri I am 7 years old. and I been really good and would like if you give me the things I want. First, I want a omg glamper Play set. Next i want a pink bike. Then I want a baby yoda toy.”

~ Amri

“Dear Santa My name is Phoenix I am 7-years old I have been good southa and bad I have someone some stuff good herkys yourself or the Shelfis watching I want an Ipad and oh iPhone 3prd I want a German Shepeed puppy”

~ Phoenix

“Santa My name is Arizbel I am 8 years old I have Been good I help My mom and My sis with the graiers I Been so good and I WAnt Phones 13 please santa I want a small Phone 13 I wa a phone apple good BYe”

~ Arizbel

“Dear Santa, My name is Aubree I am 7 years old I have bengood. I buckled my little brother in the car when my mom was busy I want a bike. for christmas. and I want a doll christmas.”

~ Aubree

“Santa, My name is Kristian I am 7 years old I am good at listening to my teacher and doing my work plan. I was finishing all my work every day. May I have a Candecane I may be bad some times. I will fix the node stuff.”

~ Kristian