At Retune we instruct a 6-string program for psychological wellbeing known as SCALES, which stands for Rest, Innovative, Lively, Pay attention, Earth and Social.

Just like the strings on a guitar, we go up and down these SCALES over the training course of a day, week or month. It is important to fork out notice to each and every of the wellbeing ‘strings’ so that we really feel ‘in tune’ and able to reside a well balanced, harmonious life.

In the months forward, I’m likely to be placing some intriguing men and women, hailing from Bishop’s Stortford and outside of, ‘On The SCALES’. The aim is to examine how each individual interviewee appears after their mental wellbeing, according to the rules of the six strings. I’m the initial to step on…

Retune founder Tom Ryder performing at the organisation's first 'Retunesday' at South Mill Arts. Picture: Steve Beeston
Retune founder Tom Ryder accomplishing at the organisation’s first ‘Retunesday’ at South Mill Arts. Image: Steve Beeston


At Retune, we refer to slumber as the ‘root note’ of the psychological wellbeing ‘chord’. It is basic, and if your slumber string is out of tune, it impacts every aspect of your existence.

To functionality very well, I need a bit additional than the recommended 7 to 8 hours. Sticking to a routine is the critical to obtaining this by 10pm my mobile phone is off (not on silent or night time mode – off) and I like to do a little bit of studying just before looking at anything light-hearted in mattress like Mates or The US Office. The physique appreciates regularity, and winding down is essential.

I have a speaker programmed with my early morning alarm and frequently listen to Greg James in the morning on Radio 1 (assist local), which starts the day off with excellent cheer.


Creativeness is nearly anything you can reduce your self in. Music and writing have often been my strongest resourceful retailers. Producing a music, undertaking dwell or performing on anything artistic with a good friend is hugely gratifying.

I like to keep a journal exactly where I produce just one A4 web site when I have some spare minutes. This allows to process almost everything that is likely on. By the time I have acquired to the base of the webpage, I’ve generally figured out what motion I want to get next.


All through the very first lockdown in 2020, I acquired to adore functioning. Most of us are mindful of the bodily added benefits of exercise, but it is the mental positive aspects that I relish. The clarity of thought you have at the time you have done a operate can spur you on to a productive working day.

I also quite considerably take pleasure in swimming being underwater has a calming result. I continue to dabble in 5-a-side football and cricket when I have the prospect, even with being terribly harm-prone at the ripe aged age of 32. The togetherness of group sport features a positive-fire wellbeing improve (see also Earth and Social).


The Hear string is all about ‘listening to your body’ by eating and ingesting well. I’m no nourishment qualified, but I know that if I make much better options, it will have a optimistic impact on my mind.

Listen is also about listening to outside sources and currently being impressed, alternatively than overthinking and dwelling on your possess feelings. I love listening to audio guides when on a extensive generate. A buddy purchased me a duplicate of The Midnight Library by Matt Haig for my birthday and I’d really advise it.


Birchanger Wooden is 1 of my favourite spots for grabbing myself a dose of ‘Earth’. This string permits us to hook up with character and embrace the new air.

Our animal close friends are yet another side of Earth: my sister’s cockapoo Molly is an fantastic companion in this regard.

And it is also crucial to stay ‘earthed’ by way of grounding, by slowing down racing ideas. Yoga, mindfulness and meditation can reach this. I’m even now doing work to make improvements to my abilities in these parts, but I know that new music can be quite mindful. There are no tricky and speedy policies, it is about exploring what works for you.


As with Rest, if the Social string is out of tune, every thing can slide apart.

The last two a long time have been screening, and my good friends and spouse and children have served get me through. As a substitute of tapping away on WhatsApp all the time, I find voice notes a bit a lot more personalized and inventive. But very little beats a deal with-to-encounter satisfy-up. To be capable to hug our beloved ones all over again has been wonderful. In no way underestimate the ability of a hug.

* To learn far more about Retune, the SCALES product or the operate we are carrying out in community most important educational institutions, electronic mail hi [email protected] or comply with us on socials @RetuneWellbeing.

Retune's SCALES system (54582437)
Retune’s SCALES program (54582437)