Phillip Lim has been cooking up a storm on Instagram, delighting social media fans stuck at home during coronavirus quarantine with step-by-step tutorials on how to make his garlic eggplant sliders, scallion oil noodles, seafood pho and other dishes from his 2019 cookbook, “More Than Our Bellies.”

“It’s really just my recipes as poems, and it’s a dialogue between myself and Viviane Sassen,” Lim explained at a book release party in Napa Valley, Calif., last year of his collaboration with Sassen, a longtime friend and the photographer responsible for some of the brand’s buzziest fashion campaigns.

While “More Than Our Bellies” had been sold out online, it’s now back with a digital release on Apple Books. And $10 of every sale will be donated to City Harvest, an organization working to ensure New York City families and children are fed during the pandemic.

“When the stay-at-home initiative started, it felt like a good time to find new creative ways of dialogue and sharing with people who follow me on social media. So I decided to revisit my cookbook…to cook through every recipe and make videos to share on Instagram,” Lim said.

People started DMing him about where to buy the book, which was sold out. “One of the DMs was a friend, Musa Tariq [head of marketing for Airbnb], who suggested I reissue the book and donate proceeds to help organizations helping people,” the designer explained of the decision to partner with City of Harvest.

Lim cut the price of the book in half, and launched the e-version for $34.99, which seems like a bargain for something that will not only feed your belly but your soul.