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Wedding Rings: A History

Historically, Wedding Rings have served the purpose of symbolizing eternal love, devotion, and commitment among married couples.

Among the various qualities of wedding rings, its circular shape has perennially been regarded by many cultures to be a symbolic representation of unity, and which in our modern times has ascended and become the universal symbol of infinity, perfection and eternity.

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 It is thus unsurprising that wedding rings and wedding bands have retained their traditional circular shape, remaining the romantic icon of spousal affection. 

Male Wedding Rings – History Part II: 

Historically, Men’s rings used to have many emblematic expressions of might, power and status, however, contrary to modern expectations, men’s jewellery was exclusively affordable by royals and privileged social groups such as noble.

Therefore, Men’s Wedding jewellery is still an uncommon tradition. It is safe to say that men’s jewellery has never quite yet been the focus of a fashion trend since about 50 -70 years, and even so, this strictly depends on the cultures and their concomitant customs.

In short, we live in a modern era with endless possibilities because new art technologies have been mixed with old craftsmanship and antique techniques, affording us the opportunity to be far more creative with all art forms, unlike what has hitherto been possible. We have an abundance of creative energy wherewith to try out many new forms of arts, such as all sorts of jewelry to be used as men’s wedding apparel. 

Nowadays, Men’s Wedding rings have been rendered quite affordable and available in many different materials, styles, and appealing designs, allowing for limitless choice in personalized options.

The contemporary groom no longer has the need to express his life-long commitment nor celebrate his love in an old-fashioned way with tacky stodgy wedding bands.

Current Popular Trends in Men’s Wedding Bands and Wedding Rings

The modern man is charismatic and confident and looking for bold alternatives to traditional men’s wedding rings to express his masculine personality and convey the message of love and loyalty. 

Based on our observations, the Personalized Classic Platinum Wedding Band in comfort fit will be the most popular and number 1 choice among many customers this year.

Traditionally, gold wedding bands were a standard choice until the recent and abrupt drop in the price of platinum.   The prices of noble platinum are affordable, it has hypoallergenic properties, and remains the most precious metal with many unique features like resistance to tarnishing and corrosion, so too it is a brilliant option. 

Diamond Wedding Bands will be our second favorable alternative being that it is the fastest growing in its popularity in men’s jewellery overall. 

We have noticed that men are increasingly interested in more sophisticated ring settings with embedded side stones or accents featuring rows of diamonds & gemstones in various geometric patterns or hidden diamonds and constructed on distinctive bands with beveled or rope edges. 

Furthermore, Men’s Carved Wedding Rings with laser carved patterns are the latest artisan designed wedding bands in a one-of-a-kind category and well-liked by both brides and grooms.

Discover the Top Three Men’s Wedding Bands & Rings on

Ultra-light Comfort fit Platinum Men’s Wedding Band personalized with distinctive Florentine finish – your modern comfortable and stylish wedding ring with unique texture to make a statement.

Celebrity- Inspired Fancy Wedding Band with 100 hidden diamond accents on outside shank set in micropavé diamond and adorned with four rows of additional 40 diamond side stones to add some more sparkle.

Three-Row Band Platinum Wedding Ring artistically crafted and hand-set with 1.5-carat tapered baguette cut diamonds in channel set on beveled edge, 1.7-carat round brilliant cut diamonds in pave and 3-carat princess cut diamonds in channel set – to create a distinctive, one-of-a-kind unique look and make a bold statement.


There you have it – our latest custom designed stylish wedding bands for the Contemporary Man made with love in Canada at Linara Custom Jewellery.  

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