An episode of “Sesame Avenue” reportedly considered too frightening for young ones right after staying aired after in the 1970s was resurrected over the weekend soon after becoming posted on YouTube and Reddit — and it was bringing back again childhood reminiscences and even nightmares for some. 

The episode, which aired Feb. 10, 1976, stars Margaret Hamilton, reprising her function as the Wicked Witch of the West from “The Wizard of Oz.” 

In the just about 15-minute demonstrate, the witch terrorizes a man named David, played by Northern Calloway, all over the episode to get her broomstick again following she loses it when traveling over the avenue. 

In the stop, she poses as an old female to get it back.

“I am going to fly back to Oz as quick as lighting and never ever see Sesame Street all over again,” she says, then boards her broom and flies off. “This is superb! Look! No palms.”

The broom then falls from beneath her, David catches it again, and then he appears to cry.

The episode, which aired during the seventh time of “Sesame Avenue,” was identified to be way too scary for youngsters and shelved, according to the Muppet admirer archive Muppet Wiki.

It prompted “an unusually large total of mail responses from moms and dads, almost entirely negative. … Normal responses incorporated dad and mom worried that their little ones have been scared and now refused to view the demonstrate, using this sort of phrases as ‘screams and tears,'” in accordance to Muppet Wiki.