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Wilton Vinck

You have built, casted, deburred and each and every other stage but now it is time to polish your jewellery.

Brown Tripoli is fast cutting on all non-ferrous metals (aluminum, brass, copper, zinc and tin) and plastic. It also performs good on gold and silver way too. Excellent in taking away oxidation, small pinholes and light-weight scratches. Brown Tripoli compound will leave the surface area with a semi shine, so most will stick to with a rouge for a mirror complete.

For the large producing firm, we inventory grease, dry and water soluble Tripoli bars.

Bobbing compound is utilized for rapid, heavy chopping. Very similar to Tripoli it will remove light scratches This system adheres pretty effectively to buffs and will depart the surface area completely ready for closing complete with a rouge compound

Purple Rouge is the final finish for brass, copper, silver and gold. This rouge will supply a mirror finish but a lower down compound need to be utilized initially.

Green rouge supplies a top-quality last complete on silver, gold, metal, stainless, platinum and chrome.

Fabulustre delivers a high luster end on all kinds of cherished and decorative metals. Removes light-weight scratches and supplies a mirror complete. Works clean on all metals, specially excellent on steel, nickel and chrome. Also identified as 921 White Diamond.

XXX White Diamond is a outstanding dry compound for lower and coloration on gold, silver, brass, copper and plastics.

Gray Star compound produces a uniform lower and operates to a great glow on all metals. The gain of employing Gray Star is one operation of slice and shine in 1 move.

Green Zam produces a high luster for last complete. Can be used on cherished metals and metal, stainless and plastics. Clear operating, leaves minimal residue and also performs properly with non-ferrous metals.

Satin/Greaseless complete compounds can present mild or hefty traces. It is perfect for deburring, getting rid of scratches or pits by polishing. It is also utilized to create a semibright satin complete on every little thing from golfing golf equipment to ladies compacts. Usually there is no have to have to thoroughly clean. We stock 80, 120, 200, 240, 320 and 400 grit.

It is finest to purchase sprucing compound from a supply business and not a huge box retail store mainly because all those compounds tend to be a lessen high quality product or service. We can also remedy questions about our compounds.

For very best effects, generally use one particular buff and a single compound, do not combine with a different compound.

Never forget to observe protection safety measures be setting up.

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