'I can't see my beautiful boy Joey but I know he's in the best place'

Stephen Unwin is a theatre director, writer and campaigner for disabled children. Here, he writes passionately about the amazing care his 23-year-old son Joey receives at the St Elizabeth’s Centre and why it desperately needs our help during the coronavirus crisis…

Strolling through the streets of Bishop’s Stortford with my second son is usually a delightful, often surprising experience.

“Hey, Joey, how’re you doing?” shopkeepers call out to him. “What can we get for you today?”

Joey Unwin (32909142)

Complete strangers greet him warmly and he gives them a high five, laughing and smiling as he goes on his way.

Because, you see, I live in north London, but Joey has lived in Bishop’s Stortford for a while now and is very much part of the community and, it seems, recognised wherever he goes.

But, of course, these aren’t normal times. We can no longer visit him, walk through the

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