Lithuania restaurants using mannequins at empty tables to model local designers’ fashions

Paging Mr. Model, celebration of two.

Mannequins are the most recent have to-have shopper as the coronavirus pandemic has pressured places to eat to institute social distancing methods and limit potential.

A person of these imaginative solutions makes use of mannequins to make places to eat feel fuller. Most lately, places to eat in Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital, have started to embrace the rigid trend — but with a trendy twist.

Dozens of places to eat and bars in the county, upon reopening, are now performing as shows for community designers to aspect their fashions by adorning the sitting mannequins in the season’s most recent looks.

“Empty tables inside our restaurant appear instead odd, and we never have any way to take out them,” described Bernie Ter Braak, the operator of the Cosy restaurant, in a push launch. Ter Braak is credited with producing the initiative with community designer Julija Janus.

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