Are these the funniest animal photos ever?

It is arguably the funniest photography competition around the world – each year highlighting some of the most uncomfortable, awkwardly-funny and kooky moments snapped in the wild.

To celebrate entries opening for 2020 and operating until eventually May possibly 31, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards crew has introduced some in no way just before noticed pics of preceding entries “to kick things off”.

These consist of giraffes blowing kisses, rabbits singing opera and a squirrel conserving its nuts.

Rabbits can also be noticed singing opera as nicely as orangutans in banana feeding on competitions and bisens caught pink-hoofed abiding by human street guidelines.

“We would like to address you and your viewers to some serious crackers from the last number of years that we have not despatched to you just before, so you can make them chortle, share the entertaining and spread the term far and extensive about the competition,” … Read More