GC, Zen make composite ink to kill Covid-19

Graphene Composites has joined arms with Zen in an international partnership to develop a virucidal graphene-based composite ink that, if located helpful, can be applied to fabrics which includes N95 deal with masks and other individual protecting machines (PPE) for increasing protection from viruses which includes Covid-19. This will help battle the present pandemic.

As soon as the progress, screening, and affirmation of the graphene ink’s virucidal potential have been accomplished, the ink will be incorporated into fabrics utilised for PPE.

Sandy Chen, CEO of Graphene Composites (GC) stated, “Combining the deep nanomaterials skills of GC and Zen with a genuinely collaborative approach has enabled us to do a year’s truly worth of R and D in a subject of months. Rapidly producing and deploying our virucidal/germicidal ink would make a sizeable distinction in slowing the charge of infection – so preserving numerous life.”

Francis Dubé, CEO of Zen commented,

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