Covid-19 outbreak: Protective health gear in short supply

NEW DELHI: There is a lack of very important devices wanted to protect healthcare team from catching bacterial infections as the selection of Covid-19 cases proceed to increase in the state, according to the minutes of a meeting held by the textiles ministry on March 18 to evaluate the availability of protective wears for health and fitness industry experts in the state.

“There is a lack of system coveralls and N-ninety five masks,” mentioned the minutes of the meeting, which ET has observed. “There is a lack of materials and the price of source is not in a position to meet up with the mounting need.”

Buy was put for one million three-ply masks with a vendor. So significantly, the supplier has offered only two hundred,000 masks and has also sought a 266% revision of price ranges, according to the minutes.

In the meeting, a senior textiles ministry official encouraged

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