‘Tiger King’ fashion: Outfits inspired by Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin

You’ve binged the show. You’ve observed the memes. Now it is time to provide a minimal “Tiger King” fashion into your operate-from-dwelling, coronavirus-lockdown existence.

Who much better than Joe Unique — with his Lisa Frank-leopard shirts, tight white pants, inexplicable EMT bomber jacket and that runaway eyebrow ring — to tutorial us by means of our sartorial time of require?

Or Carole Baskin? A queen of catleisure kaftans and holier-than-thou flower crowns could be the style icon we have earned appropriate now.

And if you’re not secretly coveting a person of Doc Antle’s harem “uniforms” (stolen straight from the “ThunderCats” wardrobe trailer), I really do not assume we can be pals.

Carole Baskin (left) and Barbara
Carole Baskin (remaining) and Barbara “Bala” Fisher.Netflix

Even Jared Leto is letting his interior Tiger King operate free, while supporters are freaking out over Miley Cyrus and Joe Unique sporting the identical ‘do.

Search, we’ve been by means

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