Calvin Klein Hires Interim Branding and Marketing Chiefs

Calvin Klein Inc. has hired two executives on an interim basis to supervise marketing and branding, successful quickly.
The two executives, Greg Stogdon and J.D. Ostrow, currently are associates at Frosty Pop, centered in Vancouver Island and New York Metropolis. Frosty Pop is a new style and design, tech and gaming company that recently introduced on Apple Arcade.
Stogdon will be Calvin Klein’s performing chief brand officer. He was previously senior vice president of innovative at Burberry ahead of joining Frosty Pop. Although at Burberry, he led the company’s innovative initiatives by means of campaigns, exhibits, global occasions and digital innovation partnerships. Earlier, he was the founder of Husband or wife + Husband or wife and held senior innovative posts at 2×4, Lloyd & Co. and Tank Publications.
Ostrow will be performing chief marketing officer. He was previously chief marketing officer at Idea ahead of joining Frosty Pop. He earlier … Read More