Winners and Losers of this Ending K-Mart Debacle

I never thought I’d see it in my life time. The city of Minneapolis is purchasing out the lease of that tragic K-Mart that has wrecked the grid of our lovely city for lo some 45 years.

Now, if you do not know it, Dave Brauer wrote a good piece many years ago on the tragic backstory.  Right after the white-flight 1960’s, when the powers that be in this city had been knocking down every single historic construction they could, the historic southside of Minneapolis looked like it had way too quick obtain to downtown, so a Nicollet Wall was conceived, to avoid crime likely north or south. (Related: Why there’s historically been no on-ramp from that portion of city to I35 so people today who are living on the southside to get downtown.) It ruined Nicollet Avenue, our fair city’s historic-key road, and really, along with the carving of

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