Sometimes, we obtain that our creativity urges us to request new retailers, or revisit and reinvent aged kinds. For me, this has taken the kind of building headdresses of late, which is a craft in which I utilized to indulge lots of many years in the past when attending my initially Renaissance festivals and SCA or historical re-enactment occasions. They start only, as most crafts do, but have considering that evolved

into something a minimal more…. ritualistic. As said in a past put up, my spirituality and religious follow has started to engage in a significantly larger function in my imaginative expression these past quite a few months. Relatively due to the psychological exhaustion of quarantine but typically as a basic balm for my psychological overall health, as a whole, which has been considerably in have to have of retailers healthier than ice product and chips (ahem). 

As a working towards pagan for a lot more than 30 several years, the concept of ritual has performed a popular position in my day-to-working day existence. It is crucial to make a ritual of even the most straightforward jobs for the reason that in this ritual is a cleansing of the spirit and launch of detrimental feelings. Considerably like journaling (a different enthusiasm of mine) is utilised to dust off the working day, irrespective of whether of a pleased nature or not, the very same can be claimed for cleansing, arranging, images, and generating in its numerous types. We can pour the pent-up energies of our life into these jobs and jobs, and totally free ourselves for new ordeals. 

With this in intellect, I started to craft these new headdresses as an expression of what I felt I lacked in spirit, or what I experienced an abundance of, in buy to release them into the ether and permit that electrical power live a daily life of its individual, to have an effect on my own life or not, as it selected. This might seem also esoteric or eccentric for quite a few, which is understandable, on the other hand, I’ve approached the generation of my jewellery in this way for several several years and been superior for it. 

I really don’t hope these to make common appearances in my store, as aspect of a assortment, as my artistic stores shift around the months to match what I need to specific mentally or spiritually. Probably less difficult variations may perhaps show up with wire wrap adornments, perhaps these will be all there will ever be (at least for some time). So, if you would like to increase a very little meaningful ritual to your working day, I’d urge you to take a search at my creations. Should really you uncover oneself in possession of one, have on it. Wear it each individual day. Wander all-around the house in it. Come to feel like a wooden witch, a goddess, a queen of your have building. Don it to ritual, if it satisfies you to do so, or throughout cosplay and festivals for pleasurable.

​Wear it, only, mainly because you can.