The wigs that newbies should try

Wilton Vinck


The world of wigs is very rich. According to the structure and function of wigs, wigs are divided into many types. For example, lace wigs that show a natural hairline, headband wigs that support vigorous exercise, and u part wigs that increase hair length and volume. So, what kind of wig is more suitable for beginners? In my opinion, TAG wigs are the kind of wigs that new wigs should try. What is a TAG wig? What are the advantages of TAG wig? Read on to learn more.

What is TAG wig

TAG Wig means “throw on and go wig”. This wig is a trendy wig first defined and created by luvmehair in 2022. Since this wig has various advantages and is inexpensive, it is very popular with consumers.

What’s the pros of TAG wigs?

1. It’s able to install without glue

TAG wigs are a type of wig that does not require glue for a complete installation. Why do we think that when we talk about wigs, it is a very important advantage that a wig does not need glue to install? Because it is not easy to use glue to assist installation, especially for people who use wigs for the first time. If the glue is used in the wrong way, your wig will likely stick together, causing the entire wig to be ruined. Glueless wigs exist for a reason. The less glue is used, the less skill is required to install the wig. When a wig can be installed without too many installation skills, you don’t need to make an appointment for a hair stylist to do the wig installation for you. That’s why a lot of people love glueless wigs.

2. Quick and easy installation

The installation of TAG wigs is very simple. The simple wig installation steps are very friendly and easy to learn for wig newbies. In general, newbies to wigs can easily learn how to install throw on and go wig. When the installation of throw on and go wig becomes proficient, wig novice can even quickly complete the installation within 5 minutes.

3. The length of the hair is just right

Throw on and go wig’s hair is just the right length. A lot of people don’t like wigs that are too short because it makes women look too strong and masculine. In summer, a wig that is too long will make the user feel stuffy. And the throw on and go wig is a length that neither makes you feel stuffy nor overly masculine. It can show your feminine, beautiful and sexy side very well.

4. It doesn’t take much time to take care of it before going out

Laziness is human nature. If you can avoid spending a lot of time on wigs, I think no one will refuse. Throw on and go wig doesn’t require a lot of pre-care at all. All you need to do is to simply do some part of your hair, and then you’re ready to go.

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