Tips To Dress-up In One Shoulder Gowns For A Wedding

Wilton Vinck

Let’s take a brief tour with the best tips for those who have been invited to a wedding , we will give you the keys to be an astonishing guest.

Sometimes it is not enough that the  one shoulder maxi dress feels good. While going to a wedding there are many things to take into account in order to look perfect, and there are so many theories of what should or should not be carried in this type of events that the best in case of doubts, is to ask a team of experts, we will help you in everything you need.

There we go with the little tips!

– Civil or religious

In case of civil wedding you can look for other options. If it is a wedding within a church it is  recommended that the shoulders and necklines should be covered. A shawl or pashmina scarf will be your best allies if it is a spring or summer wedding.

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– What colors to avoid in a wedding?

White is exclusive for the bride. So avoid to wear ivory, crude, beige or make-up, so as not to coincide with the main attraction of the day. Black is not a welcoming color because of its association with mourning. It is best to avoid it, but you can make an exception in the afternoon ceremonies for the elegance, as long as you are happy with accessories that give color to the look.

– Hats and Heels?

When choosing headdress or headband be clear with this rule: the size of the hat should reduce as the day goes by. For the morning, you can allow yourself any format, but for the night only wear the headdresses. The same, goes for heels: the height of these can increase as you approach the end of the day.

Remember that if you have chosen to wear a headdress, that should not be removed as you can test them beforehand. If you feel that you will be uncomfortable then it is better to choose  natural hair.

– What guest are you?

As we have said it is not the same to go to the wedding of a family member that is invited by the companion. If you go to the wedding by commitment or you are not very close to the bride and groom, it is best to choose with caution, you will see how well you look.

Bags and purses will always be small. To go to a wedding you do not need to carry your bag. And no excess of jewelry.

– The night or day

The first thing we are going to value is the hour of the ceremony. If it is a wedding in the morning the right thing is to opt for short dresses (do not confuse these with cocktail parties), with soft colors and simple fabrics, no sequins and dark colors. However if it is a celebration in the evening you have many more options that vary by time of the year. You can opt for a one shoulder cocktail dress or a long evening gown.

– The most important advice?

Remember that not only you are going to look at if you are a certain model, you have to collect all the information possible from the wedding, read the invitation well and ask the closest ones if you have a question about the type of event.

Find out if it is a covered or outdoor space, day or night, the number of guests, the characteristics of the ceremony, etc. We know it may seem like a lot of things but you will see how with proper planning you can be the perfect guest of any wedding.


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