affordable fashion accessoriesEvery season presents a fresh bunch of accessory trends that get our attention and this time it’s no different. In this read, we are going to take a look at the most prominent 2020 accessory trends.

Get ahead of the fashion crowd and invest in the new-season accessories like a Fendi inspired scarf that promise to be big in 2020.

Pouch Bags

The pouch bag was one of the most surprising accessories at the couture fashion week in July. We have seen the hyper-functional carryall under the arm of almost every street style star, including Annabel Rosendahl and Linda Tol. The best iterations were Bottega Veneta’s leather cloud clutch and the MM6 Maison Margiela’s puffy quilted pouch. Both of these are oversized designs and a complex alternative to the mini bag trend. They prove to be essential when you need to carry more than just your phone and if you are also into it, consider going for neutral-toned bags as they will give you unlimited style mileage.

Statement Timepieces

The statement watch is undoubtedly a classic that gives your closet luxe as well as timeless elegance. We have experienced a return of more conventional watch faces with huge circular styles being prominent in the wrists of Emili Sindlev and Georgia Fowler.

Swiss heritage watchmaker, an early adopter of this trend, offers statement timepieces that balance the traditional design with contemporary and thoughtful details. The Longines Conquest Classic watch features an outline of over 30 diamonds, giving its masculine aesthetic a feminine feel that tends to come off as chicly when paired with party dresses and white shirting.

You should not only take as a watch but an appealing and attractive jewellery piece that goes with everything. Paying tribute to Longine’s traditional values, performance and elegance, the Conquest Classic is undoubtedly a timeless piece.


The padded headband was ideally another style accessory that we saw during September’s fashion month. The headband has certainly evolved from a schoolgirl staple to a wardrobe must-have, a year since Prada unleashed its elegant iteration. The padded headband has now become a favourite accessory of tastemakers like Patricia Manfield, Veronika Heilbrunner and Leonie Hanne. Whether worn in velvet, satin or colourful embellishment, this chic like accessory will be next season’s grown-up iteration of the hair clip trend. Those looking for a statement-making alternative to heavy necklaces or pendant earrings will find Jennifer Behr’s headbands appealing while those going for minimalism will fall in love with the Prada’s simple silk designs.

Pearl Jewellery

Pearls have done away with the dull undertones and are now a favourite for some of the industry’s most discerning designers. Faux pearls are certainly a standout of this season’s most covetable accessories, given that they add some refined prettiness to outfits.

If you want to take on the trend, look for asymmetrical, modern pearl necklaces by brands like Brinker & Eliza and Alighieri.

Cowboy Boots

The cowboy-inspired shoe trend has made a comeback, but this time with an eminent twist. The new trend has styles that feature 2-tone patterns, arty florals and sculptural heels.

The western walkers are no longer reserved for the winter season, and you can now team them up with all your summer and spring stables from warm weather denim to maxi dresses.

So there you have it, the most prominent accessory trends for 2020.