As I publish this, I can nevertheless savour the juice from my smoked hen rolling throughout my tongue and down my throat. And it preferences astounding. I have in no way gained so quite a few compliments from my youngsters regarding my cooking, and I’m already busily discovering the countless numbers of recipes freely obtainable in the Trager companion app and on-line wondering what culinary experience I will take up coming.

Fantastic food stuff is one of life’s accurate pleasures and goods like the Traeger Timberline 850 put entire world-class grub on the table of even the worst chef’s property. It does all the perform for you. A minimum amount volume of preparing and some tolerance is all it normally takes.

The Timberline 850 utilizes flavoured wood pellets sitting down against an electrical-energy ingredient to make a around-distinct smoke. This then floods into the massive chamber, pushed by discrete supporters to develop a convection influence sending spirals of smoke close to all sides of the food stuff inside. And you can observe it all from the connected companion app.

It really is about as advanced as a smoker can get, but it comes at a rate.

Set up

  • Straightforward to establish
  • Sturdy elements
  • Involves electrical energy
  • three-yr guarantee
  • Heavy to go

The Timberline 850 smoker comes in pieces and ought to be produced on web-site. But this is a far more uncomplicated practical experience than some shoddy furniture you may purchase from IKEA. The recommendations arrive in a proper book – not a piece of paper –are very complete and are uncomplicated to follow. It took me much less than an hour to put it entirely and I was happily obtaining a number of beers on the way. I was not rushing.

The two points you will notice straightaway is the excellent of each and every element and the excess weight. The previous incorporating to the latter. With the elements, each and every piece is built of a thick, sturdy material that reflects the in general rate of the Timberline 850. There are no shortcuts right here all the things feels quality. Even the stainless-steel grill racks just weigh a tonne.

But the excess weight of the merchandise is significant. It really is very most likely that the Timberline 850 will be delivered to a site that is not its final resting location in my situation the garage. If you need to go it somewhere else – this sort of as up some stairs to a balcony – you might be going to need some assistance.

I would suggest assembling it in the site at which it is delivered. You can then take out the large grills, and it really is a large amount less complicated to maintain and go at the time assembled.

To complete set up, you might be going to need a energy provide the Traeger Timberline 850 does not use fuel. The accompanying cable is about 2m very long, so retain that in intellect, as well. Is there a energy stage use you plan to set it up? There, there is the WiFIRE technological know-how, which is just wi-fi irrespective of its fancy identify. This connects with ease to your property wi-fi community and is set up through the companion app.

Your final phase in the set up system is to year the grill. Yet again, there are uncomplicated measures in the robust, equipped guidebook. Moreover, you can locate video recommendations on the Trager web site as effectively.


  • Tiny footprint
  • Straightforward to clean
  • Fantastic establish excellent
  • No storage
  • No chimney
Traeger Timberline 850

As mentioned, I’m particularly amazed by the excellent in the individual elements of the Timberline 850, and the ensuing establish – at the time complete – is genuinely amazing. Two steel cabinets, one in front and one to the still left aspect, give you a lot of resting area for food stuff, utensils and – let’s be sincere – a beer. It just isn’t flimsy in the slightest very stable shelving.

To the proper aspect there is a chopping board that matches so snugly in its groove it does not drop out even when the lid to the pellet dispenser is lifted. It can nevertheless be easily eradicated for cleansing, even so.

The in general footprint is fairly modest. It really is not as large as two people and not as deep as one. Personally, I found this to be a accurate blessing given I already had a six-burner BBQ taking up a chunk of my deck area.

The lid itself is a chunky piece of steel, but it lifts and closes with ease. A thick rubber seal locks the heat and smoke within. A small aspect port makes it possible for you to insert a probe that can continue to be in your food stuff through the full cook with out corrupting that seal, as well.

The area within the chamber is cavernous irrespective of the modest footprint. It claims it can maintain above nine BBQ chickens at at the time. I will not know about that, but the a few racks could easily maintain sufficient to do a whole dinner party with ease. You will find a massive trip tray at the base that easily comes in and out for cleansing, as do the grills by themselves.

You will find an added, steel drip tray that hangs beneath the smoker, as well. This catches any extra and I respect that it is correctly crafted into the Timberline 850 alternatively than just a foil tray dangling below.

To the proper of the smoker you will locate your Lcd monitor and input controls. It appears to be like a little bit like a auto stereo. As with the relaxation of the Timberline 850, this is easy to follow and use. The adhere, in unique, sums up the in general interest to depth that not only helps make this smoker fantastic, but high priced. It clicks and turns with a quality really feel that you know will see it past decades and decades.

If I have a gripe with the structure, it really is the absence of storage in the reduced portion of the stand. I would have favored somewhere to relaxation or keep the energy cable when it really is not in use. I failed to want it plugged in continually owing to it being exposed to the elements, but shorter of wrapping it close to a leg there was no pure location to keep it off the floor. A dry spot to keep a bag of wood pellets would have been wonderful, as well.

I have also employed other smokers, together with more mature Traeger versions, that arrive with a chimney that allows escaping smoke billow out. This offers not just a visual joy, but provides a nice smell to the full surrounding area.

It helps make feeling not to have it smoke just isn’t very good for your lungs just after all, and it really is not as economical as the back-vent structure at present used. This makes a downdraft to pull out previous large smoke, holding fresh new blue smoke in the chamber. But I do miss out on the influence.


  • Tremendous Smoke Manner
  • WiFIRE link
  • Three removable grills
  • Low pellet sensor as well excitable
Traeger Timberline 850

The structure of the Traeger Timberline 850 is its most important feature. The pellet chamber gradually drops the wood chips on to the ingredient, then precise – if a little bit noisy – supporters press the smoke through the chamber, so it circles close to your food stuff. But there is a lot of trimmings that assistance supplement that core system.

The companion app is very robust. At the time paired with your Timberline 850 above your home’s nearby wi-fi, you can observe the temperature of the chamber and the food stuff itself – via the probe – retain an eye on your pellet depend and more. Thinking about that some recipes can see the smoker still left jogging for quite a few hrs, being in a position to seem in remotely to see how points are going is fantastic peace of intellect.

The app also has a massive variety of recipes and movies, as effectively as tutorials, that can assistance level you up to Smoke King position in no time. You can even obtain cook cycles for your favorite recipes to the Timberline 850 itself to make points even easier.

The Tremendous Smoke manner is a different great new feature. This placing makes it possible for you to develop a denser smoke that is pulsed regularly through the food stuff via the supporters. It provides a large amount of excess taste and texture, but does have to have a extended cooking time given it really is only productive between seventy fiveoC and one zero fiveoC. if you’ve got the luxurious of time, it really is an astounding option.

And with the a few, removable stainless steel grates, you can get a large amount of food stuff in the Timberline 850 for any one cook. You will find 850 inches-squared of actual estate in there!

The involved probe is an critical addition, as well. Its slim, steel structure helps make it uncomplicated to insert into food stuff, although also being very easy to clean. I have found it to be very precise, as well. And it really is handy that you can set a probe alarm to sound as shortly as your food stuff reaches its preferred internal temperature.

Not all the alarms perform flawlessly, even so. I have operate into a number of difficulties with the small pellet alarm sounding off when there is nevertheless a abundant provide of pellets in the chamber. This is a little bit troublesome, but as the Traeger is electronic and smart, I have already been prompted to update the firmware at the time. As this sort of, I expect this false alarm to be patched.


  • Maintains perfect temperature
  • Uniform heating and smoking
  • Easy cook
  • Gradual commence
Traeger Timberline 850

The best way to describe the overall performance of the Traeger Timberline 850 would be to merely exhibit you a photo of my facial area just after eating a freshly smoked meal. Salivating, eyes rolled back in my head as I transcend into flavour heaven. Shorter of that though, take it as read, the overall performance is all the things you would expect from a quality merchandise.

The Traeger Timberline 850 just isn’t about a rushed job and it does take its time to get started off. The ignition system can drag on for minutes and may well depart you wondering at first no matter if anything is completely wrong. Then all of a sudden its steadily climbing up to the preferred temperature.

The Lcd monitor shows all the things you need to know, and its temperature readings are precise. I have found it sits at the preferred temperature flawlessly, fluctuating hardly a diploma or two. Right up to 260oC! Open up the lid and the release of heat is promptly mirrored on the monitor. But at the time shut, it powers immediately back up to exactly where it really is meant to be.

The probe is just as sensitive with its detection of temperature and I’m happy with how effectively it has held up to recurring use in the heat of the chamber.

On that highest temperature, it is potentially one of the Traeger Timberline 850’s weaker points. It really is a lot to do your conventional smoking, but does avoid the system doubling as a pizza oven. Moreover, it really is not warm sufficient to self-clean. A thing to seem at for foreseeable future iterations, potentially.

But it really is intended to be a smoker first and foremost. Pretty small noticeable smoke and only a gentle smell escapes the chamber, evidence that all that goodness is going into your food stuff. And as mentioned through this overview, the ease of cleansing and the price of the companion app, connected as it is to the smoker itself, cannot be understated. It just helps make the endeavor so uncomplicated.

The Timberline 850 not only helps make smoking very easy, but it does it seriously, seriously effectively.


  • Address is seriously very good
  • Rubs and different pellets obtainable
  • Minor sections replaceable
Traeger Timberline 850

Stepping into the Traeger entire world opens you up to a massive group of like minded smokers. You will locate a lot of recipe publications and movies on-line offering you a around endless provide of food stuff adventures to practical experience.

The primary accent you will want to contemplate is the Traeger Timberline 850 go over. As with the smoker itself, it really is particularly effectively built. It really is built of a super thick canvas material and sits snugly above the oddly shaped smoker. A sturdy zipper operates the duration of one corner, earning it easy to match with out tearing or catching.

Somewhere else, Traeger materials numerous different flavoured wood pellets, as effectively as its possess Rubs and Sauces. These are not expected – you can use any brand name – but you may well like to retain it in the spouse and children, so to converse, to get the most effective success.

You can also buy individual elements that may get broken or dropped with out obtaining to purchase a full new smoker. This consists of the still left-hand shelf, the proper-hand chopping board and the pellet sensor.

For all these needs, your most effective location to commence hunting is on Amazon.

Need to you purchase the Traeger Timberline 850?

  • Acquire it if you want to develop persistently amazing smoked food stuff with a minimum amount of exertion, and want to purchase a smoker that will stand the check of time.
  • Really don’t purchase it if you might be on a price range, will not consider you will smoke food stuff that frequently or are not ready to experiment and have entertaining.

I went into this overview wondering if I was up to the endeavor of developing gourmet food stuff. I fancy myself on a BBQ to cook up a very good Aussie feed with a minimum amount of black bits. But I have in no way gotten fancy in no way pushed the boundaries. With the Traeger Timberline 850 that is all changed. I cannot hold out to see what I can arrive up with for my good friends and spouse and children.

The dilemma you need to talk to you is not no matter if you need a smoker, for the reason that they’re bloody magnificent. It really is more no matter if you need to go all in on the major of the range Traeger Timberline 850 or not.

With that in intellect, all I can say is that you get what you pay back for. The Traeger Timberline 850 is excellent. You can explain to merely from the materials employed it will stand the check of time. It comes with a stack of written content to get you on your way. And it helps make a fantastic smoke a breeze.

Pricing and availability


Photos: Chris Stead

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