What Are Huggie Earrings and Why They Are Great

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huggie earrings

Huggie earrings conserve time, are comfortable and can be slept in. Fundamentally which is the website submit. But I’m a chatty gal and have more to say about them.

No Much more Earring Backing Problems

Hair can catch on your earring backs.

Do you have extended hair? Has your hair ever gotten wrapped all-around the post of your earring? Knotted up around the ear backing? Which is a nightmare I have been explained to about for several years. This is in particular problematic if you have great hair. It defies gravity and fixates on your earring backing and post and can end result in a little bit of hair-pulling prior to you get your earrings off.

Huggies Really don’t Use Earring Backs

The authentic huggie earrings hugged the earlobe, consequently the identify

Some amazing jewelry designer, understanding how substantially ladies appreciate hoop earrings, came up with a outstanding concept. They produced a hoop earring with a hinge at the bottom. The article of the hoop is locked to the again of the hoop, closing the circle when the earring is clicked shut. For the reason that no backing is required, and the earring itself holds onto the submit, a one of a kind earring was born.

The authentic huggie earrings had been rather compact and literally hugged the earlobe. These earrings were being so beloved that the up coming stage was to make larger sized ones.

Huggies Search Far more Seamless on Your Ear Then Most Hoop Earrings

Normal hoops on left, hinge on major. Huggies on correct, hinge on the bottom

Most hoops have a obvious hinge in front on leading in which your ear hole is, which can choose away from the pretty and thoroughly clean appear of a hoop. In particular with scaled-down hoop earrings, the way the earring connects with your earlobe, has an effect on the attractiveness of the general appear.

Since the hinging space is down underneath, a huggie provides a clean line from earring to lobe.

Huggies Supply Fancier Seems

earrings with square emeralds bezel set in Etruscan design Huggie earrings in the Etruscan design and style with emeralds. I cherished producing these.

As soon as I recognized how comfortable huggies have been, I wore my write-up earrings significantly less. The jewelers who make huggies got the information and began remaining quite innovative. They recognized that what we genuinely preferred was the hinge and not to mess with backings. But we still desired alternatives, and fortunately we acquired them.

Phone Friendly Huggies

Never get stabbed by your earrings when you discuss on the telephone

Do you use article back again earrings? Ever get poked in the neck by your put up? I have, and once I even bled, when I acquired a pretty vigorous hug at a marriage ceremony. I think ingesting was concerned. I now always use my huggie earrings at weddings.

When you grab your cellular phone and lean it into your shoulder as you multi-task, if you put on your huggies, it won’t harm. Your chiropractor will even now be your very best good friend if you do that, but at least you won’t get stabbed into the cut price.

Go through about other phone-pleasant earring kinds.

Sleeping in Huggies

I generally suggest versus putting on earrings to bed. But let’s be serious. Some of us do it. Mmm, possibly I do it. Huggies will never jab you. So if you capture me sleeping in earrings, it’s often in my huggies.

Altering Your Huggie Posts

You may perhaps someday discover that one or the other of your huggies is not closing appropriately. If you are in a rush and probably push the again portion of the huggie far too vigorously on to the article, it might press it out of alignment. You must be ready to truly feel or hear the click sound as your huggie snaps on to the write-up. I come to feel for it when I place them on. If you do not experience it click on shut, really don’t don them till you change them.

I’ve gotten calls to adjust huggies and thought it could possibly be a excellent concept to share how to modify them at dwelling. Here’s my online video on How To Adjust Your Huggie Earrings.


Steps to Regulate Your Huggie Posts

1) Pull out a pair of needle-nose pliers.

2) Be aware exactly where your huggie post is notched. This tells you which direction it will lock into the again of the earring.

3) Little by little near your huggie in entrance of you, and see if the notch is much too lower to come in get in touch with with the again of the earring.

4) Use your needle nose pliers to grasp the article. If you want to steer clear of leaving a small mark from the pliers, put a little strip of cloth on the write-up.

5) Grasp the front segment of your huggie amongst your fingers.

6) Grasp the publish with your needle-nose pliers.

7) Little by little and gently raise the put up up a small bit.

8) Examination the closure to see if it now clicks.

9)Repeat the approach until the notch clicks correctly into the back again of the huggie earring.

It could choose a range of tries to get the adjustment just suitable.

Usually use slow and gentle movements so as not to snap off the submit.

Acquiring Extravagant and Personalized Building Huggies

Tailor made made huggies

I just needed an justification to exhibit you a single more awesome huggie pair of earrings. My shopper wanted blue diamonds and loves hand engraving. Oh yeah, she enjoys huggies. I beloved producing these so a great deal it was really hard to supply them!

Your Private Jeweler,



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