Youths are taking part in ‘chicken’ with fast-going trains travelling by Stansted’s railway station in a daredevil action that authorities have warned could finish in a fatality.

Commuters and people also report staying confronted on a daily basis with disruptive behaviour on the platforms, which spills out onto Station Street.

And this week Bigger Anglia station staff were issued with human body cams in reaction to the increasing fears.

The platform at Stansted prepare station

In accordance to team, groups of kids consistently acquire to ‘play’ on the platforms, goading every other to retrieve products, this sort of as pens, that they have thrown onto the track or daring to get as near as they can to trains racing through.

Villager Ray Woodcock called on mom and dad to look at up on their children’s whereabouts.

“The station team instructed me of a standard happening which is of wonderful problem to them. A team of 13 to 15-year-olds, 3 boys and 6 ladies ,’played’ on the system and bridge crossing the tracks, but this was no normal recreation.

“It appears the girls would goad the boys to leap onto the rail track. Yet another 1 of their ‘games’ is to stand pretty near to quickly-moving trains as they handed, non-quit, through the station and contact the train as it passed to see who would ‘chicken’ very first.

“To the mother and father of these silly small children, are your young children associated in this life threatening ‘game’? You want to take motion right before a boy or girl is seriously injured or killed.”

One particular commuter who did not desire to be named, mentioned groups collected most evenings on the system near the entrance, ‘smoking, spitting and stinking of weed’.

A Better Anglia spokesperson stated: “We are functioning with British Transportation Police to tackle anti-social conduct on the railway. We have held a conference with personnel, we have issued them with overall body cams and will keep on to assistance them.

“Members of the public who stage onto tracks threat their have everyday living and the life of other people. Any one who witnesses any anti-social behaviour on the railway need to get in touch with British Transportation Police on 61016.”