Main points to consider with ZayZoon

ZayZoon allows employees to access their wages on demand. This can help them to better manage their cash flow and make up for any shortfalls or unexpected expenses between pay cheques. ZayZoon integrates with corporate payroll/HCM systems to allow employees to securely create an account, from which they can request their pay early if they choose.

ZayZoon funds all early pay requests, with no liability to employers. And because the service is employee paid, there are also no additional overhead for employers for this service, though they can opt to subsidise the benefit if they wish.

ZayZoon also features a financial wellness platform – ZayU – that is available to all employees, regardless of whether they choose to access wage funding or not. This platform links directly to employees’ bank accounts and tracks their spending, offering alerts when balances are low to help customers avoid overdraft fees.

Features of ZayZoon

For employees
  • Loan amount. Access up to $200 at a time.
  • Access wages on demand. Get access to your wages as you earn them.
  • Available 24/7. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.
  • Interest free. This service only charges a flat $5 fee.
  • Financial wellness platform. Get access to ZayZoon’s ZayU platform that offers spending insights and alerts you when your balance is low.
  • Reduce financial stress. 89% of ZayZoon users report that using the service alleviates financial stress.
  • No credit checks. ZayZoon does not check your credit score.
For employers
  • Free. This service is free for employers to sign up to, though you can opt to subsidise employee benefits if you choose.
  • Reduce employee turnover. ZayZoon reports a 29% reduction in employee turnover as a result of its service.
  • No liability. Funds are automatically recovered on the next pay run and there’s no liability or risk to the employer.
  • Seamless integration. ZayZoon is the easiest and fastest wages-on-demand solution for employers and integrates seamlessly with payroll/HRIS.

How much will ZayZoon cost?

  • Flat fee. This service charges a flat $5 fee to employees who wish to access their wages ahead of payday.

Eligibility requirements

If your employer already offers ZayZoon, there are no further eligibility requirements that need to be met in order for you to utilise this service. You can simply create an account and start accessing your wages early.

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