It’s no top secret that there are different sorts of pimples. As a outcome, there’s no “1-dimension fits all” therapy for all zits. Distinctive kinds of pimples have different brings about, from grime and grime to hormones and genetics. We did some digging to discover out what defines different kinds of pimples and how you can deal with them with 1 solitary manufacturer.

I have been hoping ZitSticka out for about a few months now and I seriously really like the manufacturer. Relatively than just examining 1 product from the variety, I wanted to discuss how each individual products caters to different kinds of pimples so that if you have a selected pimple that I never, you even now know which products to use.

There are two kinds of zits


  • Never are inclined to be agonizing or swell
  • Usually are not typically purple
  • Are likely to be found in pimples-susceptible skin
  • Can become typical pimples if germs invades the zit

one. Whiteheads

The most straightforward way to establish a whitehead is that they typically have a light-weight or white centre that is surrounded by redness. Whiteheads do not often bring about scarring and are inclined to be triggered by oil or dead skin trapped inside the hair follicle.

2. Blackheads

Blackheads are pesky tiny factors that have plagued me my total life. They’re identical to whiteheads with a slight big difference. Blackheads show up as little, darkish or black spots that may perhaps be raised but most of the time lay flat on the skin. Blackheads are identical to whiteheads in that they’re each triggered by grime or grime that is trapped less than the skin. On the other hand, the motive these pimples turn black is because the inner whitehead is uncovered to oxygen producing it to turn a darker colour. That’s some science for ya.

How do you deal with them?

The amount 1 rule of any pimple is do not select at it. As tempting as it may perhaps be, you are only likely to make it worse.

For these kinds of pimples, you seriously want to deep clean up all of the gunk out of there. This is where by liquid exfoliant components arrive in. Liquid exfoliants bring about mobile turnover, that means they’re likely to penetrate your pimples and pull all the grime out.

ZitSticka’s Press Refresh sheet masks are jam-packed with AHAs (glycolic acid) and BHAs (salicylic acid) that actively perform to yank out all the grime that sits at the centre of your pimples.

Now, because active exfoliants can be a tiny severe on the skin, this mask also includes niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and allantoin, which all assist to hydrate and soothe the skin so it does not become irritated.

3. Pre-pimples

We all know the experience (and the dread that arrives with it) of a pimple coming on. These wee tiny bumps sit less than your skin’s surface area with no position or head. Most pre-pimples are solid, raised and tender to the touch. They are typically surrounded by pink or purple hues and typically swollen. Typically, pre-pimples produce into blackheads or whiteheads when they become inflamed from trauma or irritation (these kinds of as buying!).

4. Pimples

Now we are acquiring to the significant boys. We all know that significant angry pimples harm like hell, and hoping to pop them can make you a glutton for punishment. Pimples are big pink/purple blemishes with a outlined centre that are inclined to be sore. On the other hand, they can also arrive in the kind of blind pimples, which have no head to them and all over again, harm like hell. These tiny monsters are stuffed with white or yellow pus triggered by dead immune cells and germs.

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How do you deal with them?

There are two possibilities for treating pre-pimples and pimples with ZitSticka:

The Goo Getter dots are wonderful for pimples with a outlined centre. More targeted on late-phase zits, these hydrocolloid patches absorb impurities, extract goo and cut down redness. Each GG patch is formulated with niacinamide, salicylic acid, vitamin C and tea tree to speed up skin clearing and renewal. The other matter that can make these an absolute go-to is that they end you from touching and buying at your pimples because they actually act as a barrier.

The Killa patches are for when you need to have to provide out the significant guns. These patches have little microdarts that are packed with BHAs to penetrate them unpleasant pimples and dissolve them just before they can get way too negative.

five. Dermal lumps

Dermal lumps are positioned less than the skin and are inflamed, challenging and really agonizing. These are larger and further than pre-pimples or pimples.

How do you deal with them?

There at this time usually are not any good at-dwelling therapies for dermal lumps. Your very best guess is to communicate to a dermatologist about the very best therapy possibilities for you.